mixing beer and hydrocodone

guys i have found someone who agrees to give me some methadone to help me

mixing beer and hydrocodone

out with my detox from hydrocodone is it ok to mix these 2 ? i took 2 hydrocodone at 1 pm .

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Normally it takes me 4 5 mg percs to get a good opiate high going. If I take just one 5mg perc, smoke weed, and then drink one beer will it have a decently strong affect?

Best Answer: Uh. ..Nah. Don't start bad habits . hydrocodone is fine to have a beer oxycodone i prolly wouldn't its like oxycotten right which is like heroin .

Hi, I just joined this forum today, and am wondering about the combination of Valium and beer. I haver been taking 5mg tabs of Val for a few months as

What happens when you mix hydrocodone and beer? ChaCha Answer: Mixing alcohol and any prescription drug can be deadly. ChaCha!

Best not to find out. I did not care for Lortab when I was mixing beer and hydrocodone in recovery from surgery, and I went with beer instead. Choose one or the other, but drugs and alcohol are .

Hi, I have been prescribed hydrocodone for probably close to 10 yrs. Before that it was darvocet. I never knew what addiction really meant when I first started t.

Should I bump both of these or would that be a bad combination?

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